About IFA


The International Fiscal Association (IFA) was established in 1938, with its headquarters in the Netherlands. It is the only non-governmental and non-sectoral international organization dealing with fiscal matters.

Its purpose is the study and development of international and comparative law with respect to public finance, specifically regarding fiscal law as well as the financial and economic aspects of taxation.

IFA seeks to achieve these objectives through its Annual Congresses, the scientific publications relating thereto, as well as through scientific research. Although the operations of the IFA are essentially scientific in character, the subjects selected take into account current fiscal developments and changes in local legislation.

IFA has grown to nearly 13,500 members from 111 countries where 72 branches have been established. Direct membership is possible in countries where there is not an IFA Branch.

Along with the increasing globalization of the world's economies, international tax issues have become more numerous and of greater importance. Since the end of World War II IFA has played an essential role both in the development of principles of international taxation and in providing possible solutions in their implementation.

IFA has been able to achieve a great success, since it has offered the necessary forum to experts belonging from both the private and public sectors, including courts, academics, governmental and non-governmental organizations, where opinions on topics of international taxation can be exchanged with respect for each others background and responsibilities.