Welcome IFA Members

Cancun was just around the corner. But the time was just not right, we needed to make a pause in our lives, our plans and our dreams to value just how fortunate we are. The future looks brighter than ever and we will find ourselves stronger and more conscious of our world, eager to meet and hug each other.

In 2022, IFA will be commemorating its Diamond 75th annual Congress and what better place to have a celebration than the amazing Cancun, Mexico. The most anticipated Congress of IFA and an absolutely brilliant technical program will serve to pay tribute to the 75th anniversary of the greatest tax event.

The world will emerge much stronger and the reasons for a global celebration will be countless. Our Diamond anniversary will be crowned at the 2022 IFA Cancun Congress where we will come together to interact and exchange knowledge as the family we are, side by side, in the most Mexican event ever.

IFA Cancun 2022

Edgar M. Anaya Bourgoing

President of the Organizing Committee